Your Stories

We want you in JET FUEL

The infamous intersection of Portage & Main in Winnipeg, MBDo you have a great story about the Winnipeg Jets? What about a great story about being a hockey fan? A particular location you’d like to see? Well we might just want to include you in JET FUEL and we’ve made it easy.

The easiest way is to record a quick, 30-60 second video of yourself telling us why your passionate about the Jets. Then upload it to YouTube, tag it with JETFUELMOVIE and leave a comment on our YouTube channel. If you don’t know how, then contact us letting us know that you’ve uploaded it and of course the URL.

If you have a particular location you think we should include, like the corner of Portage and Main, then feel free to let us know where and why we should include it.

As our tag-line states, this is for the fans (that’s you) and about the fans (again, that’s you).

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