What is JET FUEL all about?

WhiteOut Road Trip - the original visionTwo passionate Winnipeg Jets fans, the co-founders of, relocated to Calgary years ago. With the news that the return of the NHL has finally come back to Winnipeg, they decided to have an adventure – a road trip.

The original idea was to drive the over 8,000 kilometres of highway between Calgary, Winnipeg, Chicago, Phoenix and Las Vegas, taking in four hockey games. Then the idea became something bigger – a drive for charity. partnered with Believe in the Goal Foundation to raise additional funds and awareness for their unique initiative; to improve cancer patient care.

Then came along the idea of turning the adventure in to a documentary. Through various meetings and conversations with Hangarcat Films, it was agreed this trip would need to be captured on film and shared with the hundreds of thousands of passionate hockey fans around the world.

And that brings us to this – JET FUEL. A movie for the fans, about the fans, by the fans. We need your help to fund portions of the documentary. We want to actually see you in the movie as well, on camera if you’re up for becoming a star?

We’re committed to this adventure and doing our best to create a remarkable film at the end of it, but it will be so much easier with your help. Spread the word to your friends and family on Twitter, Facebook, email or in person and get involved today. You too can become a movie producer.

Thank you in advance.

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