Now’s your chance to see your name in a movie!

We’ve made contributing as easy as possible.

You can get started for as little as $1.

Become a producer today for just $2000As we’ve mentioned, a $1 donation will get your name in the JET FUEL end credits. All contributors, no matter their donation, will appear in the end credits and on this site. Our “Contributors” will have their name published in a word cloud. Increasing your contribution will increase the size of your name in the cloud.

Not only will your name be in the end credits, there are some limited edition BONUS gifts we’re giving out as well.

Your contribution Your BONUS gift
$25-49 Limited edition JET FUEL bumper sticker
$50-74 Limited edition, autographed JET FUEL movie poster
$75-99 First run copy of JET FUEL DVD
$100+ All three of JET FUEL bumper sticker, movie poster & DVD

In addition to the BONUS gifts, a few different designations will also be delegated in the end credits.

Your contribution End Credits Designation
$1-199 Junior Contributor
$200-499 Contributor
$500-999 Associate Producer
$1000-1999 Producer
$2000+ Executive Producer

Like we’ve said, it’s easy to become a part of a movie, so get involved today.

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