Become a movie producer

Have you always wanted to be a movie producer? Now’s your chance.

Being a producer is never an inexpensive endeavor. In fact we’re trying to make it as affordable as possible for you to be able to see your name in the end credits. That sounds pretty cool, right? Starting from just $1 you can see your name in the end credits of JET FUEL and help provide benefit to charity.

Support the Film – Many different ways

1. Become a Producer

Become a producer today for just $500Making a film costs money, and although we’re doing a great job at keeping our costs down, there are certain expenses which are unavoidable. That’s why from now, until the end of September, we’re running our virtual road trip to help get us to the finish line and get your name in the credits. Starting with a minimum contribution of $1, “contributors” will have their weighted name published in the film’s credit roll and in a word cloud that will appear on this site. Increasing your contribution will increase the size of your name in the cloud and prominence in the end credits.

All money collected will go directly towards costs related to finishing and distributing the film like insurance, music rights, and salaries for the great people who have been working on the film with us. As an additional bonus, we’re contributing 10% to our charity partner, Believe in the Goal Foundation.

Click on the contribute button to the right and follow the instructions to use either your PayPal account or credit card. The name that is associated with your PayPal account is the name that will be used for the credits. If you would like a different name to appear in the credits, please indicate that under “special instructions for vendor” on the “review your payment” page.

2. Spread the Word – Tweet, Blog and tell the world

You can become a “junior contributor” by Tweeting the tweets below (one winner per week will be selected) or by blogging about our mission. Please let us know via Twitter or a comment here about your blog post. Become a fan on Facebook, and hang on to our every tweet. More importantly, please let other people know about them too! Social media is vital to our success because of the way it encourages people to share ideas and information &ndash so don’t hold back. Let the other hockey and Winnipeg Jets fans in your life know about JET FUEL to help us grow our audience. Be sure to check out our site regularly for great video clips you can pass around or embed on your site.

Starting at just $1 you can become a “junior contributor.” A $1 donation will show your name in size one font while a $100 donation will show your name in a larger font. You can also enter to win a weekly prize of a copy of the film and a $10 “junior contributor” credit. All you have to do to enter is tweet one of these messages each week:


To get a JET FUEL “become a producer button” for your website, you can use the following code:
<a href=""><img title="Support JET FUEL" src="" alt="Support JET FUEL" border="0" /></a>

3. Pre-buy the DVD

You can pre-purchase your copy of JET FUEL today and receive exclusive BONUS gifts. These gifts are limited and only available while quantities last.

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